Welcome to Stellar Support Services Website

 Stellar Support Services is a leading expert provider of support service management for retirement communities, nursing and acute care facilities, Stellar Support Services recognizes the significant variations in the needs of different types of senior service and acute care facilities, and has developed services to meet the needs of each segment and each customer in that market segment.

The Stellar Support Services’ difference goes hand in hand with what we perceive to be the same desire for excellence throughout your Facility. We will strive very hard to establish you as a “hallmark” account—one that we can be certain will typify Stellar’s standards of quality. Our success is measured by the development of new business, the retention of our existing customers, and depends on the image we create. We have the reputation for excellence and efficiency—evaluate us closely. You can be assured that we will succeed.

What truly differentiates Stellar Support Services is our:

• commitment to innovation,
• ability to document the economic value we create for our customers,
• commitment to forging “partnerships” with our customers,
• sustainability in securing long-term management agreements

We are committed to the belief that only an outstanding and innovative service is desired by both Stellar Support Services and You.

In light of the market forces you are facing, we recognize that we must not only focus on reducing service department costs and driving resident satisfaction, but must also find innovative ways to deliver value-added service over time. Stellar Support Services will strive to provide you with the “best total solution” for your needs now and in the future.

To summarize, the most critical benefits derived from partnering with Stellar Support Services are:

• We will continuously seek to meet and exceed your requirements by developing innovative solutions and by attracting exceptional, creative team members.

• We will give your employees the resources to do whatever it takes to deliver superior service, including sophisticated information management systems, ongoing training and a corporate philosophy that is focused on “creating what isn’t” rather than “changing what is”.

• You could not find a services group that cares more. There exists in Stellar Support Services a culture of responsiveness and a desire to excel that is unmatched in our industry.

• We will enhance your facility’s image as a leading provider of quality health care and personalized services for residents in your community.

In summary, with Stellar Support Services, You would receive the sophistication and resources of a reputable services corporation, coupled with the personalized service of our regional teams. As your partner, we will help you anticipate and meet the challenges of this ever changing industry. We are energized by the prospect of this partnership.


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